The Land of Akar
In the deep south an unlikely people have risen up against tyranny; against the Demon-Lord Raughir.  In Akar, and the capital Tenigul these people begin their lives anew, paying a heavy price for the sins of their ancestors.  Can these people gain salvation against the past they once knew and the age that now befalls them?

Akarian Dawn MUSH is an interactive role-playing game where players assume the roles of many different types of people that toil throughout the MUSH's landscape.  This website has been built as a resource for the game, including game specifics, game files (Role-Play Logs), and other miscellaneous information.

Please follow the links below to learn more information, or the links to the right in order to connect to the game and begin your adventure on Akarian Dawn!

Connect to Akarian Dawn!
telnet://  port:1896

The Game
Roleplay Logs

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