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Bo: New posts and thread in Prelude to Hope
30-Jan-2015 20:29:00
Shurijo: Are you still joining SW game?
28-Jan-2015 22:09:28
Priest: I just put together that I'm playing a priest in Savage Tides and my handle is Priest. I've been typecasted.
28-Jan-2015 17:37:35
Chanur: I always hated Lorch in the books. He is as much a jerk in Clover as the novels! Very Happy
28-Jan-2015 13:27:36
Trogdor: Because knowing is half the battle.
27-Jan-2015 20:49:49
AdamDaBomb11: We should call in G.I.Joe
27-Jan-2015 20:27:17
Muskrat: Do. Or do not. There is no try. (Well, someone had to say it. Smile )
27-Jan-2015 17:33:10
Trogdor: We're *trying*
27-Jan-2015 16:55:13
Eilandor: Someone needs to kill the Iron Cobra in Mummy's Mask!
27-Jan-2015 16:30:28
Chanur: Seems like my whole area has been having internet trouble for days. My cable and my cell phone.
27-Jan-2015 16:24:01
Hayabusa: Will post in a few hours.
26-Jan-2015 20:23:46
TetNak: So much drama in the LBC
25-Jan-2015 18:57:21
Bo: Promise to get somewhat caught up today. I will spare you the RL drama that's kept me away past few days!
25-Jan-2015 18:55:05
TetNak: Noice
24-Jan-2015 23:40:31
AdamDaBomb11: That awesome moment when you find the perfect picture for your character.
24-Jan-2015 22:32:47
Shurijo: Is the countdown final?
23-Jan-2015 23:34:50
Chanur: Just bought a VIP ticket to go see Rush in May! Pretty pumped!
23-Jan-2015 23:25:15
Hayabusa: Light the pitchforks!
22-Jan-2015 19:05:38
TetNak: We need a mob immediately!
22-Jan-2015 00:26:11
Trogdor: coynor is close to 666 posts. Smile
22-Jan-2015 00:15:52
Bo: I might be a bit slow until saturday d/t work schedule and other commitments.
21-Jan-2015 13:24:46
Eanwulf: Don't strain and pull a gaming nerve. You might go blind or get paralyzed!
21-Jan-2015 02:38:26
AdamDaBomb11: Making 3 characters simultaneously is quite hectic xD
21-Jan-2015 02:31:12
Grimbold: Will catch up with the rest of the games tomorrow.
19-Jan-2015 20:11:03
Hayabusa: Have to catch up with games tomorrw.
18-Jan-2015 23:01:42
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Posted on Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Christmas Happy Holidays
Posted by Vardaen on Monday, December 22, 2014 (15:11:46) (66 reads)

Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Boxing Day, Happy Saturnalia, Merry Kwanzaa, Happy New Year and Seasons Greetings! (And anything else I missed)

Hope everyone is going to have a wonderful holiday season! As always we wish you and your family a great time of year now and all year long. Enjoy your family, take a break from posting (but not too long!).

For most folks things are going to be slow until after the New Year so don't expect much from anyone in the way of posts for the next week or so. See you when you get back, and I hope Krampus bring you everything your geeky gaming heart desires!

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Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday TetNak
Posted by Vardaen on Tuesday, December 16, 2014 (17:12:43) (53 reads)

Happy Birthday to TetNak

[ Happy Birthday ] [x]

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Thanksgiving Happy Thanksgiving!
Posted by Vardaen on Wednesday, November 26, 2014 (21:31:17) (61 reads)

Happy Turkey Day! A day when we celebrate that the English and other settlers came to this land with no clue how to farm or feed themselves. Then with love in their hearts murder and expel those people who welcomed them here! Gobble gobble.

[ Spoiler ] [x]

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Member Milestone DarthBo reaches 4000 Posts, and his last Red Star!
Posted by Vardaen on Tuesday, November 25, 2014 (19:24:42) (63 reads)

Its a day of many milestones as Bo reaches 4000 posts and his fifth and final Red Star! Way to go man. Keep up the great posts, and hope you are around for another 4000 posts.

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Member Milestone Shurijo's First Shooting Star! 10,000 Posts!
Posted by Vardaen on Tuesday, November 25, 2014 (19:20:14) (70 reads)

Holy Cow its Shurijo's 10000th Post!

Congrats to our favorite Moderator and one of our long time players (perhaps the longest and oldest since we started!) 10K!!!! That's not little deed you have done! I can't wait to read your next 10,000 Posts!

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Generic Celebration Happy N7 Day
Posted by Vardaen on Friday, November 07, 2014 (21:53:20) (81 reads)

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Halloween Happy Halloween
Posted by Vardaen on Friday, October 31, 2014 (14:59:31) (76 reads)

Happy Halloween...

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Member Milestone ManWithDoor 4000 Posts! Fifth Red Star
Posted by Vardaen on Friday, October 10, 2014 (19:39:21) (107 reads)

Whoo another one! ManWithDoor earns his 5th Red Start with over 4K posts! Way to go Man(WithDoor) this place loves your posts, keep them coming!

Read More... | 2 comments | Printer Friendly Page | Score: 5

Member Milestone Muskrat 5000 Posts! 1 Black Star!
Posted by Vardaen on Friday, October 10, 2014 (19:31:35) (113 reads)

Well that was fast! Muskrat breaks the 5K Post Milestone! Congrats, keep it up, can't picture this place without your 5000 posts!

Look at that nice First Black Star!

Read More... | 1 comment | Printer Friendly Page | Score: 0

Patriotic Holiday Happy Labor Day
Posted by Vardaen on Monday, September 01, 2014 (12:44:17) (159 reads)

Ah Labor Day Weekend (US).

The last big BBQ weekend, the pools and parks start shutting down, and everyone is super happy that school starts back up (at least us parents are!) It also means the vacations are coming to a close and people should be returning to the site in droves!

For your end of summer assignment, I task you all with recruiting one new person, perhaps someone you met over the summer, perhaps an old person that left that you can bring back. Let's all Labor to make the site great.

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